IMG 20200905 131644286Similar to how a person changes their wardrobe to suit the season, hair color and styles are also changed, sometimes as a matter of preferences and sometimes for a purpose.   When it comes to hair color, preference and mood, do play a part. But does the time of year also play a part?

I am authoring this article from the perspective of a professional hair colorist and stylist in the Chicago area, who possesses many years of experience specific to hair coloring. 


pexels diana titenko 3271986 COLD HAIRLiving in the Chicago area we are required to deal with many threats to our hair. While the windy city plays havoc on our finely set hair styles, months of cold and frigid air temperatures often leave people with dry and frizzy hair. 

As a professional hair stylist in Chicago's Wrigleyville neighborhood, I assist my clients with a variety of hair issues. Solving dry and frizzy hair is one of them. Therefore, I thought I would write an article which provides some a natural solutions, as well as some product recommendations that will help resolve any dry frizzy hair issues you may have.