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Cold or Hot Air Can Result in Dry Frizzy Hair. Here are Solutions!

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pexels diana titenko 3271986 COLD HAIRLiving in the Chicago area we are required to deal with many threats to our hair. While the windy city plays havoc on our finely set hair styles, months of cold and frigid air temperatures often leave people with dry and frizzy hair. 

As a professional hair stylist in Chicago's Wrigleyville neighborhood, I assist my clients with a variety of hair issues. Solving dry and frizzy hair is one of them. Therefore, I thought I would write an article which provides some a natural solutions, as well as some product recommendations that will help resolve any dry frizzy hair issues you may have.

What causes dry, brittle and Frizzy Hair?

To offer a remedy for dry hair issues, we must first understand the cause of the problem. Dry hair can occur as the result of a multitude of causes.  One cause may be due to an individuals scalp not producing enough oil to moisturize their scalp and  hair. Another cause is linked to the title of this article, that is perhaps the moisture is escaping your hair due to cold or hot temperatures. Environmental causes may also be due to frequent sun and wind exposure.  Certainly a major cause for "dry & brittle" hair may simply be that it has been damaged due to too over-processing your hair, and/or over heating your hair (flat ironing or curling) .  In my years of experience, I have also observed dry hair and color issues resulting from frequent exposure to chlorinated water.  In the end, your hair maybe dry and lack luster because of one or combination of the aforementioned reasons. Now that we know potential causes, we can move on to solutions for dry hair.   

Natural Solutions for Dry Frizzy Hair

I thought we should start by highlighting more natural solutions for dry hair which can be implemented by use of vitamins or supplements which are consumed by those suffering from dry hair.  Scientific studies have proven that vitamin D, vitamin B12, Iron, folate and selenium can help keep your hair healthy. Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin that's a part of the vitamin B family. Biotin also helps your body convert food into energy and has been proven to boost health in hair and nails. This is why many hair products include these ingredients in their formula. However, do not overlook the fact that you can make your "hair healthy and happy" by eating your vitamins. 

Actions to promote Healthy, Smooth and Shiny Hair

Before we get into what actions you can take, or topical hair products and/or hair treatments that may resolve dry hair,  we should first discuss what actions or products not to use!

1. Perhaps considering washing your hair less. When you wash your hair and shampoo your hair less, you won't need to blow-dry, flat iron or curl your hair as often either.

2. Avoid sulfates and alcohol in your hair shampoos and hair products such as hair sprays, gels, etc.  Sulfates and alcohol will dry your hair and scalp out.

SPLIT ENDS IMG 33113. Cut your split ends.  Similar to how dead wood is trimmed or pruned from a trees canopy, cutting dead and damaged hair away can promote growth of healthy hair. 

4. Consider using a more mild shampoo with less chemicals. Perhaps select a shampoo specific to dry hair.  Do not be afraid to try new products.  Your solution may not always be an expensive salon brand. 

Product and Treatment Recommendations for Solving Dry, Brittle and Damaged Hair 

1. Hydrating Hair Masks

When it comes to recommending product solutions for dry damaged hair, I would select a "hydrating mask" which is thicker than your typicalconditioner.  This will replenish the moisture in your hair and will result in flat lying hair cuticles that will make your hair appear more smooth and shiny.

2. Professional Deep Conditioning Hair Treatments

As a professional hair stylist, I often see hair that is more severely damaged. This requires professional deep conditioning treatments. I would recommend using Olaplex Hair Conditioning Treatments that can help repair broken bonds in hair. All hair contains millions of disulfide bonds that give the hair its strength.  When the bonds are damaged they result in dry frizzy hair.  When the bonds are intact, the result is healthy, beautiful and shiny hair.   

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